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Winter OOTD: Keeping Warm with Cashmere

Winter outfits. That struggle to look fashionable when all you want to do is walk around under layers of sweaters and poofy coats like a polar bear. I think I may have found the answer: cashmere. Is it expensive? Yep. Is it finicky to care for? Yep. Is it unbelievably warm and soft? Yes! Last weekend I had a bunch of black Friday returns to make (online shopping is hard!). The weather here has turned cold (as least cold as far as the Pacific Northwest goes), but I didn’t want to wear a heavy coat all day. I also wanted to be comfy. The answer? Leggings, cashmere sweater, and over-the-knee boots.

First off, I got this cashmere sweater from Everlane. If you’ve read my previous posts (like this and this) you know I’m a fan of this brand. This cashmere sweater is no exception. It is cream colored and has a mock neck. It is a bit cropped, but on me, not a lot. The shoulders are dropped and the cuffs are thick and tight, but not too tight. I’ve worn this sweater a bunch and the piling hasn’t been too bad! It’s also so soft and warm.

I paired my Everlane sweater with a pair of high-waisted Zella leggings and some of Asos own brand over-the-knee boots. The leggings? They’re wonderful. Thick, warm, and flexible. They are worth the high price point, so many times over! (Pro tip: to save money, buy these leggings during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in July.) The boots are a faux suede, have tiny little studs around the toe bed, and cable ties at the back. They’re very comfortable, though they do fall down. The ties at the back don’t do much at keeping the tops from falling down. If I tie them really tight (which I don’t do much because it can leave bruises!) I can get them to stay around my knees for around a half hour if I’m walking a lot.




Cashmere Sweater:

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