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Our First Trip During Coronavirus

So this year has been a dud as far is travel is concerned. Travel during covid is daunting, so we didn’t take our usual big vacation and aren’t going to for obvious reasons. But as the situation has evolved and cases didn’t get out of control where we live, we agreed we couldn’t let the summer go by without one little semi-local trip. And is there any better trip during the summer than one to the beach?

Westport, Wa

I went on the hunt for small ocean-side towns in Washington and finally settled on Westport. It’s quite small, with only a couple thousand residents, but it has a grocery store and a few restaurants. We’ve done the thing before where we went to a hotel near the ocean with zero town (zero amenities) nearby, and it’s pretty inconvenient. I found the Westport Marina cottages which are located next to the marina. We wanted to stay somewhere with a kitchen so we could cook some of our meals. And we needed to stay somewhere that allowed dogs. The Westport Marina cottages fit the bill.

This is the main street which is lined with restaurants, ice cream shops, and the usual seaside gift stores. There was ample parking which was so nice compared to Seattle.

A True Fishing Village

Unlike a lot of seaside towns where the marina is filled with pleasure crafts, each yacht competing in size, Westport’s main industry is fishing and the marina is filled with fishing boats.

Everyday around fiveish, the fisherman would come back in and we saw many of them carrying clear plastic bags of filleted fish home. (maybe their portion to take after they sell to the consumer?) There was even a shop on one of the floats where you can buy whatever is fresh that day. Wish I would have known this and planned to cook some fish at our cottage! Suffice to say there is a strong smell o’ the sea in Westport.

The Beaches

We went to two beaches, the Half Moon bay beach and the beach at Twin Harbors State Park. Half Moon bay is rockier and has some gnarly waves. While it was pretty, it’s not really a beach you linger at.

We took Otis here and he found a nice piece of driftwood to take a break on.

Twin Harbors state beach was by far our favorite beach out of the two. Think long stretches of sand, waves that break farther out, and lots of kite flying. The weather was actually good, bright, sunny, and warm, not your typical Washington weather. At the parking lot, there were bathrooms (four!) and I think, drinking water.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures at this beach mostly because I was enjoying just sitting back and relaxing. But I did manage to capture an awesome jowl shake from Otis. Who knew the motion correction was so good on my phone?!

While not my favorite trip we’ve taken, Westport was a nice change of pace and some much-needed summer normalcy.

Have you traveled during Covid? Are you planning to travel during covid?

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