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If you’re like me, the hunt for the perfect sweater is akin to the search for the holy grail or Excalibur. It can’t be too baggy, or too short. The perfect sweater can NOT be itchy (for me, this means 0% mohair). It can’t come in only one color. It must coordinate with the majority of my wardrobe. And, preferably, the perfect sweater must be a part of the brand/designer’s core collection, no one-offs that you can never find again thankyouverymuch.

My friends, I think I have found such a sweater. I present to you the Vince Funnel Neck Cashmere pullover:

Seen here in Marine and Gray

Now let me preface this by saying this sweater is not cheap. Perhaps you already guessed that since it’s cashmere. I will say that for cashmere its a reasonable price, especially if you can get it on sale at the end of season, or even during the mid-season sales. And while I’m not someone who thinks that expensive things are always worth the price, this most definitely is.


This sweater is made of very fine 100% boiled cashmere with a mockneck, slight bat sleeves, and a ribbed hem and cuffs. The core colors seem to be black, cream, and gray, with other colors like pink and maroon making seasonal appearances. This pullover is an over-sized fit, so I sized down to achieve a more fitted fit.

The cashmere is honestly the softest I’ve ever felt. It’s fluffy and light, practically ethereal as far as clothing is concerned.

Wear and Tear

I’ve had both sweaters for over a year, and let me just say, I’m impressed by their hardiness. I’ve worn both constantly over the last year and not only are they are soft as ever, (can’t say that about any of my other sweaters) but they haven’t lost their shape. I even handwashed each in the sink and they didn’t shrink one bit!

The One and Only Con

The only downside to this sweater is the it pills easy. Given the delicate nature of the cashmere, this doesn’t surprise me. And the pilling is easily remedied with a decent sweater shaver. I use the Sweater Fabric Shaver.


What’s your favorite sweater? What are the advantages/disadvantages of your favorite?

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