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Antique pattern find

Several months ago, before the world turned topsy-turvy, I was looking around a local antique shop, rifling through the vintage sewing area, when I stumbled upon a stack of patterns. I didn’t have much hope of finding one in my size that I liked (I don’t typically go for the fashions post 60s), but that is just what happened. Buried beneath a stack of vintage patterns with this 1965 dress pattern.

I snagged this Simplicity dress pattern for $3, and all the pattern pieces were there (which isn’t always the case). This 1965 dress pattern is in a size 18 1/2, from the half-size slenderette range Simplicity did in the 1950s and 60s. (I’ve since learned that this range is unique in that it included half-sizes and was tailored for petites.)

In addition to this good-fortune, still attached to some of the pattern pieces was this fabric. Obviously I’m not sure this fabric is also from the 60s, but given the print (hello paisley!) I think it’s possible.


Like any good seamstress, I made a mock-up. I used 45″ unbleached muslin, sewing all seams and hems, with the exception of the back closure since I didn’t want to waste a zipper and snaps on something I won’t wear but will probably reuse for other mock-ups.

For this project I chose view 2 (the black and white checked version) which features a superficial ribbon and bow detail around the waist and down the front seam. You can see on the mock-up that the front seam doesn’t line up with the side seam. That’s on purpose! The ribbon will lay on top of the seam. The skirt, a pencil shape, has slightly more ease that a typical pencil skirt.

This bodice is pretty standard; two bust darts and two front darts to give shape. One thing I noticed, and will be changing when I make the actual dress, are the placement of the bust darts. They are pretty low compared to modern patterns and sat lower than my own bust-line. The sleeves are the shorter option of version 1, but are slightly longer on my arms. Not sure if I will adjust this or not.

The sleeves are gathered at the top, just enough to fit the arm-hole. The collar called for a layer of interfacing, which I used in this mock-up, but might skip in for the final dress as it appears too rigid. The sleeves were actually easy to set-in on this dress, though the collar (my all-time sewing nemesis) was a bit challenging.

The try-on

Aside from the adjustment needed to the bust-darts, this 1965 dress mock-up fit surprisingly well, much better than modern patterns. Since it is a petite pattern, the length was perfect and the proportions accurate. I will definitely by looking for more Simplicity slenerette patterns in the future.

Final Dress

With a MoodFabrics gift card I got during Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad!), I purchased this beautiful cotton print. It has a little stretch to it, and I love the bold floral print that reminds me of Dolce and Gabbana. Not sure yet if I will attempt to match the pattern when I cut out the pieces (probably not?).


Now to get myself to actually cut into this beautiful fabric! Fingers crossed I don’t make any mistakes.

How about you? Attempted any sewing projects or otherwise during the lockdown? Let me know!

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