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    San Francisco Weekend: Our 10th Anniversary

    San Francisco I’ve wanted to go to San Francisco for a long time. But it was always one of those places that got passed up in favor of places like England and tropical beaches. So this time we thought “Why not?” Its a quick 2 hour (+ or – depending on headwind) plane ride from Seattle, and there’s so much to see and do in that sprawling seaside town! With my husband’s demanding work schedule and the fact that we usually take our vacation in the spring or fall, we usually don’t do a whole lot for our anniversary. But this year was our tenth, a whole decade! We decided…

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    Final Stage of Travel Planning: Reservations

    Reservations I like to think of the final stage of travel planning, the one were you make reservations, as the “put your money where your mouth is stage.” Type in that credit card number and hope the person sitting next to you on the plane doesn’t smell, and that the cute hotel in the gentrified part of town you’re staying in was accurately represented in the pictures. But how do you decide what airline to fly with, or what hotels to stay in? You’ve already mapped your route and picked all the sites you want to see, now its time for more practical matters. Lodging and transport and food, oh…

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    Strawberry Patch: Berries in the Snohomish Valley

    Snohomish Strawberry Patch In Washington, strawberry season marks the beginning of the summer berry-picking extravaganza. This year the strawberries came in a little late. Usually the strawberry patches around here come into season at the end of May. But not so this year. Maybe the snowmageddon of February had something to do with it. Nevertheless, two weeks ago, our favorite strawberry patch opened for business. So last weekend we gathered up our sun-hats, work clothes, put on sunscreen, and headed out. And we weren’t the only ones who thought last Saturday prime berry-picking time. A lot of other families were there, some even brought picnic lunches. We grabbed a couple…

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    Travel Itinerary: Stage Two Travel Planning

    The Travel Itinerary For me the second stage in travel planning is the most stressful. Creating a perfect travel itinerary for a place you’ve never even been before isn’t for the faint of heart. What places do you visit? How long do you stay in a certain town? What time of the year do you go? Do you drive or travel by train and bus while you’re there? Do you plan every single day, or leave a few days for whimsy? These are all questions you have to consider. And did I mention you have to create a travel itinerary for a place YOU’VE NEVER BEEN TO?!?! Deep breathes, deep…

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    Vancouver, B.C. My Favorite Weekend Getaway

    Living in the Pacific Northwest is pretty dang convenient for short trips and travel. Portland, the Olympic Peninsula, Seattle, even the Wine country of central Washington. But my favorite place to go for a short trip is Vancouver, B.C. This city quite literally has it all. Nature, fantastic scenery, world-class dining, and shopping. Its my kind of place. Last weekend me, my husband, and Otis (our dog) went to Vancouver. Here’s what we got up to. Day 1 Granville Island Market Otis, just loving all the attention (and food!) at the market Step aside Pike’s Place, there’s a new kid in town, and that kid’s name is Granville Island Market.…

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    Travel Planning: Getting Started

    If you’re like me, few things are more exciting that the prospect of travel. Big trips overseas, domestic travel, even the weekend getaway; I love them all. And while all trips require a certain amount of planning, big trips to places you’ve never been before demand the most. At the moment I’m planning a trip to Germany this summer, which is a bit stressful. I’ve never been to Germany and questions like “How much German will I need to know,” “Should we rent a car, or stick with the trains,” and “Why are German toilets so weird?” Are barreling through my mind. The way I combat this travel anxiety? Like…

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    Our First Trip to Portland: Food, the Outdoors, and the Best Bookstore

    Fact: when there’s a three-day weekend you better believe I’m gonna take advantage of it. This last Veteran’s Day weekend we took our first trip to Portland. Knowing Portland is a foodie haven, I was pretty excited. Eating is one of my favorite things to do when traveling, and Portland did not disappoint! Food The town we live in has zero as far as good restaurants go. And while I like to cook, sometimes I just want to have a good meal or snack out. And Portland has both, in spades. Blue Star Donuts: a large selection! yeast and cake donuts Caramelization process. I didn’t get this particular donut, but…

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    Pumpkin Picking in the Country

    One of my favorite fall activities is pumpkin picking. Sort of funny when you consider we pick pumpkins not to eat, but to use as decoration. My parents took us when we were little, and since me and my husband live in a rural area, we go each year. One of the advantages to living in the middle of nowhere is how close we are to so many farms. One of the farms not too far away from us grows pumpkins available for you-pick every year. We really lucked out last weekend when we went. The weather was gorgeous. Not something I can often say living in the Pacific Northwest.…

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    Apple Picking in Sedro-Woolley

    Apple picking. Is there anything that says autumn more than apple picking? (maybe pumpkin spiced everything?) For the past few years we’ve gone apple picking in Sedro-Woolley. The apple farm we go to, Jones Creek, is actually quite far from the town of Sedro-Woolley. The farm backs up to a small mountain and is easy to spot because of its red barn. There are so many apple trees at this farm, and they grow many different varieties. I’m not sure how many acres of apple trees there are, but there were 10+ rows of apple trees, and those rows were looooong. See? Such long rows! We brought a five-gallon bucket…

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    My First Trip to Primark

    There are so many Primark hauls on youtube. A lot of the British youtubers I watch have done at least one. Even Safiya Nygaard has done one! And it makes sense. Primark is a very cheap retailer that has a lot of current/trendy clothes. For 60-80 pounds you can get a lot. So I was curious. What was Primark like? Were their clothes any good? Our Primark Trip The only problem is the Primark stores that are in the US are on the East coast. (And currently there are no plans for West coast stores, and they don’t sell online. When I was in London I popped into one of…

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