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    End of the Matte Liquid Lipstick Trend?

    Ah, makeup trends. They come and go, don’t they? From loads of blue eyeshadow in the 80s to the pencil thin eyebrows of the 90s (also a trend in the 30s), there are so many trends we look back on and shake our heads at. Lately I’ve been wondering if matte liquid lipstick will be one of these. Matte liquid lipstick exploded onto the makeup scene several years ago. It seems like every makeup brand had their own line of liquid lipsticks. Some are better then others, but all work on the same basic principle of a dry matte color that stays on. I, like so many other makeup lovers…

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    The Nudies, Lipstick that is

    Ah, nude lipstick. Its pretty, easy, safe, and let’s not forget, pretty! The lipstick you can color outside the lines with, the shade range that will never let you down. It comes in a bazillion different colors and the definition of “nude” is rather broad. There are  pinky, brown, purple, peachy, and coral nudes. There are matte, satin, glossy, and shimmery nudes. Everyone’s perfect nude is different. Mine is more on the pink side since my lips are pinkish. But I also enjoy coral and peachy nudes. This is my collection: Nars, Smashbox, NYX, Estee Lauder, Colourpop, YSL, Lancome, and Hourglass. I may have a problem (because these are just…

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