Like a lot of the world, we’ve been experiencing a heatwave in the PNW for the last month. I know, I know, its summer it suppose to be hot. But this part of world doesn’t normally get this hot, and a lot of people’s homes don’t have air conditioning. So when it’s hot, its hot. So today I thought I’d share some of my go-to outfits/pieces I wear when the weather makes me want to melt like the wicked witch of the west.

Dresses/Breathable Fabrics

I recently featured this dress in my London shopping haul here. What I like about this dress is that its a cotton knit. Its a medium knit, so its very breathable. The fabric is also stretchy so I can move around (i.e. stretch out on the couch).

I got this dress at Urban Outfitters last summer, and it has been one of my go-tos ever since. Its light and flowy, and has a camisole style top with smocking (shirring). The length is in between  midi and maxi, so its perfect for sandals. The smocking provides enough support that I don’t have to wear a bra which cuts down on the sweat factor. I also appreciate the a-line cut of this dress. Another thing about dresses- they provide ventilation for everything south of the border, nuff said.

Camisoles and Comfy Pants

Nothing makes me feel cooler than a camisole top. And a camisole top in a breathable fabric? Win! (There’s also the armpit aeration factor that you get when wearing a camisole as opposed to other tops!)

This is a stretchy cotton camisole from Primark paired with a pair of rayon pants from H&M. I got this jogger style pair of pants two years ago before a trip to Disneyworld. I wanted something soft and comfortable for the Florida humidity. I didn’t think I’d get so much use out of them where I live, but I have. I also just love a funky Hawaiian print. And these pants have pockets!

I’m not usually one for shorts. Part of that is a body confidence issue, but part of it is that its so hard to find ones in a length I like. I don’t wear short shorts anymore because of thigh chaffing (although to be honest I kinda like how they look on me), and I hate the look of Bermuda shorts. But these tweed shorts from Anne Taylor are the perfect length. They hit mid thigh so I avoid any thigh chaffing, but they’re also not too long. I can’t remember the exact inseam, but they’re probably 7-8 inches.

The camisole top is from J Crew and 100% silk. Being silk it is very breathable, but it does wrinkle like CRAZY. Even after I iron it.

This is a camisole crop top from Primark with a pair of cropped culottes I got last summer at Zara. The crop cami is cotton and has a broderie anglaise front. The pants, while polyester, have a silky feel to the inside, so they’re very comfortable. I probably wouldn’t wear these culottes on the hottest day, but for below 85-90 degrees they’re fine. I also like that this crop top paired with this culottes gives just a peek of midsection.

And there it is, my summer go-to outfits for surviving this heatwave! (And please forgive the photo quality, I’m still learning about lighting!)

Cropped culottes (old), similar here:

Hawaiian pants (old) similar here:

Smocked bodice dress (old) similar here: