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Spring Look: Floral and Loafers

The weather has finally warmed up here in the Pacific Northwest. With temps in the 70s and several days without rain, it actually looks and feels like spring! When the weather is so pleasant like it has been, I sometimes get a craving to wear a floaty dress, something I can feel flapping around my legs in the breeze. Don’t get me wrong, I like to wear dresses in the winter too (with thick, black tights!) So last Saturday I donned this little floral number I recently picked up at H&M.

(picture look familiar? I shot this on the same day I shot the picture for my Senreve review)

I really like the floral print. It looks like cherry blossoms, though I’m not sure they are. There are also blue bees perched on the flowers. I know, I’m not sure why the bees are blue either! The material is very light and made of 100% rayon. My favorite aspect of this dress is the gathering around the neckline and the slight puffiness around the sleeve cuffs.

I knew I wanted to wear this dress with a belt to give more definition in the waist. I picked up this slim belt at Asos. It isn’t real leather, but it was very affordable and goes nicely with this feminine dress. There are also a lot of loops which is always a plus since waist size can fluctuate a lot.

I’m always looking for an outfit to wear this bracelet with. It’s pretty fancy and a hard one to match to a lot of my outfits. Even though the print of this dress is a little crazy, I though the leaf shaped gems went with the floral print. (And no, those aren’t real diamonds or emeralds. I ain’t made of money like that!)

I wasn’t sure what shoes to pair with this dress. I was going to be out and about all day and needed some bunion-friendly ones. And then I remembered pictures I’ve seen from the 40s of women wearing loafers with dresses. If it was good enough for those tough ladies, it’s good enough for me!

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