Spring Favorites!

Since we’re a month into summer, I thought I’d better hurry up and do my spring favorites post. A little late to the game, but better late than never! These are some of the fashion/beauty/misc.  things I’ve been enjoying this Spring.


I really limited my fashion favorites this season. While I love Spring fashion, I do find it difficult to really get into Spring fashions since where I live stays relatively cold (and rainy) during the Spring.

I blogged about the leopard print skirt here, so I won’t go into that piece too much. Suffice to say I really enjoy the ease and versatility of this skirt, and even though it is polyester, it is so so soft!

The coveralls are from Anthropologie. I got them during our last trip to Vancouver (blogged about here!). They are so comfy and soft. The buttons at the side are actually functional, though I usually just pull on the coveralls without bothering with them. I love wearing these with just a t-shirt underneath.


Some oldie but goldies on this list, and some new stuff. As far as skincare goes, the Cicapair by Dr. Jart, the Lip Sleeping mask by Laneige, and the Balm dotcom by Glossier have been my go-to products. The lip products both do wonder for my dry lips. I like to use them right before bed. Both smell fantastic too. The Cicapair is very good at reducing redness and is something I like wearing when I’m too lazy to put on foundation (or just don’t want to!). It also has an SPF which is always a plus.

For the makeup portion I have the Teint Idole Ultra makeup Stick from Lancome, the cloud paint blush from Glossier, and the Beauty Light Wand from Charlotte Tilbury. The thing all these products have in common is their sheerness. The foundation stick blends so easily, and is build-able. The blush and highlighter give the skin this subtle warmth and glow, but like the foundation, are build-able if you want a more intense look.

Misc. (Books)

Crazy Rich Asians trilogy: I have to start this off by saying these books are not well-written. Call me a literary snob, but when a work has grammatical problems on the sentence level, and the characters are as developed as daytime soap characters, its not well-written. BUT these books are fascinating. You get this glimpse into a highly privileged, very small portion of society (and they are pretty accurate since they’re based on the author’s own life experiences and those of the ultra-rich he knows). Some of the events in these books, and the characters’ day-to-day habits, are pretty unbelievable especially when you realize that this is just how certain portions of society live. Absolutely captivating read, though it could have used some serious editing.

Products Mentioned:

Leopard skirt: out of stock (similar here): https://bit.ly/2Y9tHk7

Coveralls (similar here): https://bit.ly/2LD9SAe

Cicapair cream: https://seph.me/2zaoHmW

Laneige lip mask: https://seph.me/2x4vjRh

Charlotte Tilbury highlighter: https://bit.ly/2LCHIoW

Lancome foundation stick: https://bit.ly/2Yc9Voh

Glossier blush: https://bit.ly/2mWsETF

Glossier balm: https://bit.ly/22I1y0C

Crazy Rich Asians books: https://amzn.to/2Gqxpjv


How about you guys? What were your spring favorites? Have you read my last post about Harry Potter cross-stitch? You can here!