Spring Fashion: What’s New on My Rack

Over the last few months I’ve been on the hunt for some spring pieces. I always feel so inspired by spring fashion. All the floral prints, bright colors, and lighter fabrics get my ootd gears working. I’m usually more of a fall person in terms of adding new pieces to my wardrobe. Spring and summer where I live is shorter than most places, so I get more use out of warmer clothing. So this year I really needed some spring options.

Bias skirt

If it seems like everybody and their dog has been wearing bias skirts for the last year, its because they have! And I’m here for it, big time. The bias skirt is one of the trends from the 90s I have always felt like I seriously missed out on. When watching my favorite 90s shows like Dharma and Greg and Frasier I find myself lusting after those bias skirts!

So I bought myself three. All from Topshop who have a big selection at the moment. I got mine in dusky rose (2019 trend color), a jade green leopard print, and the ubiquitous cheetah print. I was a little hesitant because all three are made of polyester, but they actually are quite nice.


Most of my tops are long sleeve. My short sleeves are almost all t-shirts. I really wanted some nice, short-sleeved blouses that I could dress up or down. So when I saw that Rebecca Taylor was having a sale (a brand I adore, but usually don’t buy because of the price), I cashed in (or I guess they did!).

(two on end are Rebecca Taylor)

I fell in love with the gathering under the bust-line on this cotton blouse. And those pearl buttons with the fabric button-loops make me light headed. The ditsy light pink print is reminiscent of the 30s.

I saw this blouse two months ago on the Rebecca Taylor website, but the price was more than I am willing to pay for a blouse. But then it went on sale, with a 25% discount on top. So I bought it. This blouse is semi-sheer in a cream silk crepe with silver, blue, and raspberry glitter polka-dots. The sleeves are ruffled.

The other top I bought (third from right) is a t-shirt from Ted Baker. I’ve already blogged about it here, so I won’t go into it too much. But I’m loving it!


And lastly, is this dream boat of a dress from La Maison Talulah. When I saw it, I knew we were meant to be together. The ruffles, oh all those ruffles! Purple and red, one of the best color combinations. And did I mention the ruffles?!? I love this dress so much. I can’t wait to wear it more.


How about you? What spring fashion pieces have you added, or are planning to add to your spring wardrobe?

Have you read my last blog post about my 90s inspired ootd? You can here!

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Topshop bias skirts:

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La Maison Talulah dress:


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