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Relaxing in the Tub

One of my favorite things to do is bath. And no, I’m not talking about a bath to get clean (that’s for the morning in the shower), but one in which the sole purpose is relaxation. I take one everyday; its my me time. I take a drink (usually sparkling water) and a book, and chill for 45min. This has been my ritual for years and years now. And with the quarantine in effect for almost two months (at least in Washington), a lot of people are spending/have more time taking care of themselves and quarantine pampering.

Recently I was running low on bath products. I mean I was down to only one bubble bath!! Can’t let that happen. My bath oils/soaks were running low too. So I went onto beautyexpert.com, a wonderful site that has lots of harder-to-find-in-the-USA products. I did a bit of damage because they were having a 20% off sale. Here’s what I got:


When we were in Germany last year, I treated myself to a couple of these bath soaks (Rose and Rosemary). I loved them. They are milky and smell wonderful. They’re not oliy and disperse well in the bath. They come in glass bottles and are made with mostly natural ingredients. The pine soak (one in the back) legit smells like a forest.

Aromatherapy Associates

I haven’t tried every bath oil, but of the ones I’ve tried, the ones by Aromatherapy Associates are the best. Unlike a lot of bath oils, these disperse so perfectly in the water, no blobs of oils floating around the bath here. The scents are amazing and complex, and are all aimed at different stress/physical ailments. This set is always my go-to (each scent comes in larger 1.7 oz bottles) because it is such a good value compared to the price of the larger bottles.


I’ve never been to an ESPA branded spa, but I’ve heard good things about their products. And I’m always up to try a new bath product! I love trying sets like this out because you get to try several different products (or in this case, scents) without committing to a full-size.

Molton Brown

Another one of my vacation finds! When we were in Germany last year, one of the hotels we stayed at had Molton Brown bath and body products. Molton Brown is known for their wonderfully scented products, and the ones in the bathroom at our Frankfurt hotel were no exception. I haven’t tried these bath oils yet (Rose, Orange/Bergamont), but I have high hopes since they smell divine.

Sometimes you just have to ‘treat yoself’ to a fancy body wash. I love the smell of eucalyptus. This shower gel is scented with eucalyptus (and other undisclosed fragrance…). I’m looking forward to using it!


There are so many relaxing baths in my future, I’m looking forward to them! What about you? What are you doing to take care of yourself during these strange times? Are you quarantine pampering? Taking many baths?

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