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Quarantine is still going strong here in Washington, and to say I’m torn between wanting to go out and wanting to stay healthy and help keep that curve manageable is an understatement. So, like everyone else, I’ve been finding ways to stay busy and content at home (aside from work and keeping the house running). Today, I thought I’d share my quarantine favorites, those things that are keeping me sane in these crazy times.


I read a lot, all the time, no matter what. Quarantine has been no different. Thank goodness for online digital check-out (Sno-Isle libraries rock!) and Kindle books. My recent quarantine favorites have been:

The Soul Consortium by Simon West-Bulford (sci-fi set million of years in the future that deals with parallel universes)

Zodiac by Robert Graysmith (the one the 2007 movie is based off of)

East of Eden by John Steinbach (don’t know why it took my so long to read this, it is masterful and you HAVE to read it)

A Pillar of Iron by Taylor Caldwell (about the life and times of Cicero)

Cross Stitch

If you follow me you know I posted last week about a challenging cross stitch project I’ve been working on. Its an adaptation of William Morris’s peacock and is the most challenging cross stitch I’ve ever attempted. I’ve been working on it for months now and I’m not even halfway done. I like to work on it before I cook dinner and in the evening while watching tv. It’s really interesting to see the image slowly unfold, stitch by stitch. The design is quite impressionistic, so I have to take a few steps back for it to unfold, which shouldn’t be a problem when it’s hanging on the wall.


For a long time, baths after dinner have helped me wind down an de-stress. Quarantine has been no different. If anything, I’ve been enjoying them more than ever. I’ve been using a lot more oils and milks in my bath as opposed to bubble bath, and my skin is enjoying the added moisture since it’s still chilly in Washington. My favorite bath products have been the Weleda Pine Bath Milk and the Molton Brown Rose Absolute Bathing Oil. Each scent is right on the money. The Pine Bath Milk smells like true pine and is quite strong (which I like), it doesn’t make the water oily, and has some (but not too many) moisturizing properties. The Molton Brown Rose Bath Oil is so relaxing. I like rose scented products, though there are other scents I prefer, but there’s something about this oil that really zens me out.



I have to admit, I feel pretty clever here. Since social distancing has been implemented, the regular tv shows have had to either stop production, or vastly alter how they do things. There’s going to be a lot less new shows/new episodes/movies next year. But for a few years now I’ve mostly consumed youtube content that is hosted/starred in by a single person. I like to think of this as quarantine-proof entertainment. Lately, my favorite/binge-worthy creator is Stepanie Harlowe, a true crime/mystery content creator. Her videos are long, insightful, and thorough. Her voice is also very soothing! Other youtubers I watch:

Joe Scott: science, and other cerebral topics

Bernadette Banner: historical costumer who is serious about research

Costuming Drama: vlog type videos, more of a down-to-earth approach to historical costuming

Reading the Past by Dr. Kat: English history

So far, these things and activities are keeping me sane during this indoor time. How about you? What are your quarantine favorites?

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