Pumpkin Picking in the Country

One of my favorite fall activities is pumpkin picking. Sort of funny when you consider we pick pumpkins not to eat, but to use as decoration. My parents took us when we were little, and since me and my husband live in a rural area, we go each year.

One of the advantages to living in the middle of nowhere is how close we are to so many farms. One of the farms not too far away from us grows pumpkins available for you-pick every year. We really lucked out last weekend when we went. The weather was gorgeous. Not something I can often say living in the Pacific Northwest. But it was. So sunny (as you can see by the pictures) and not cold! I’m not gonna lie, the farm was crowded, and the pumpkins were a little picked over, but we managed to find four beauties. The wheelbarrows they lend out saved the day. Pumpkin weight adds up quickly!

Most of the pumpkins were already cut off the vines, but some were still attached pretty well. Glad I brought along some muscle (aka husband)! We got two medium sized orange ones, one white pumpkin, and a striped flatter pumpkin. The white pumpkin is for our dog. He gets his own pumpkin. We usually paint/or carve something dog related on his pumpkin for him. One year we painted a bunch of bones on his pumpkin and covered the painting in glitter. I’m not sure Otis was impressed with our aesthetic, but he was really interested in what we were doing. And of course he sniffed the pumpkin thoroughly afterwards. (And we made him pose next to it in his Halloween costume!) It was so nice getting away, even if it was only for an hour.

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