Our First Trip to Portland: Food, the Outdoors, and the Best Bookstore

Fact: when there’s a three-day weekend you better believe I’m gonna take advantage of it. This last Veteran’s Day weekend we took our first trip to Portland. Knowing Portland is a foodie haven, I was pretty excited. Eating is one of my favorite things to do when traveling, and Portland did not disappoint!


The town we live in has zero as far as good restaurants go. And while I like to cook, sometimes I just want to have a good meal or snack out. And Portland has both, in spades.

Blue Star Donuts:

a large selection! yeast and cake donuts

Caramelization process. I didn’t get this particular donut, but a lot of people were!

So good. We got the glazed yeast donut, the buttermilk old fashioned, Valrhona Chocolate Crunch, and the passionfruit with cocoa nibs. They were all good, but the buttermilk donut was the best. The absolute perfect old fashioned donut.

Pok Pok

I like some good Thai food. And when I read about Pok Pok, one of Portland’s most popular Thai restaurants, I knew we had to try it out. Pictured here are the fish sauce wings. They are sweet, tangy, and a little fishy, but not so much that it bothers you. We also had a smoked eggplant salad (so good!) and a pork dish that had jackfruit (wasn’t a fan, but my husband liked it).

Not pictured is our trip to Voodoo donuts (okay donuts, not as good as Blue Star, but much cheaper) and a dinner at Little Bird (okay French Bistro fare, but I’ve had better).


I’ll be honest, Portland’s downtown shopping (mall and international brands) was disappointing. What wasn’t disappointing? Powell’s City of Books. Oh my goodness. My bookworm heart just about exploded. So many books. The store is divided up into sections based on genre (literature, true crime, YA, etc.), and each section has an ample offering. Needless to say, I walked away with my book bag feeling pretty heavy!

Next time we visit Portland I plan on checking out all the vintage shops and smaller clothing boutiques!


We brought our dog Otis with us on this trip. When we travel with Otis I try and plan at least one outdoor activity I know he’ll enjoy. This time we drove up to Forest Park and went on a hike. The trail was very steep and switchback in places, so I wasn’t sure how Otis would do (or myself for that matter!), but he did so well! And with the leaves changing color and all the moss covering the trees, it was a beautiful hike.

Front of the (supposedly haunted) Witch’s House


What about you? Have you ever been to Portland?

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