Origins Skincare

I’m, admittedly, a skincare junkie. If there’s a new product on the scene with grandiose (and not so) promises of superior cleansing, anti-aging, or just all around moisturizing, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. As you might imagine, by now I’ve tried quite a few different products from many brands. This week I’d thought I’d do a review of the brand Origins.

Ranking in at the lower-end of high-end skincare (price-wise), from my experience, Origins offers solid products that have a good price per ounce measured against other skincare lines sold at places like Sephora and Nordstrom. Some, though not all of Origins skincare products, come in larger sizes (2oz+) while remaining less expensive. Their products are formulated without a lot of suspect ingredients like parabens, DEA, petrolatum, and plastic beads. They also include a lot of natural oils and extracts.

Checks and Balances cleanser: I like this cleanser. It is minty (though not over-powering) and the foaming action is legit. I use this after removing my make-up with my Luna and my face feels squeaky clean but not stripped. A little of this product goes a long way. Price: $24 for 5oz

Drink Up Intensive mask: The name doesn’t lie. This is an intense hydration mask. A thin layer of this before bed and I wake up with very smooth skin. This is a perfect overnight mask for the dryer winter months, or if you have dry skin. And the smell! This mask has the most divine Jamba Juice smoothie smell. Seriously, even if you have no intention of buying this mask, just go into a Sephora and smell it. Price: $26 for 2.5oz

Super Spot Remover: This gel is a spot treatment for acne. It has salicylic acid and witch hazel. Whenever I have a spot, I put a little of this on before I go to bed (or sometimes during the day if it’s a really bad one), and when I wake up in the morning that pimple is smaller and less inflamed. My husband has even been known to sneak into my bathroom and use this! My only complaint is the price. This itsy-bitsy bottle (.3oz) costs $19! Why?!?

High-Potency Night-A-Mins: This is a night moisturizer that has plant-derived AHAs that help exfoliate the skin while you sleep. As with the intensive mask, the smell of this moisturizer is divine, a very fresh, almost fruit smell. I do notice that when I use this moisturizer regularly my skin looks more radiant. Probably the exfoliation. Price: $46 for 1.7oz

Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay: This in a combination clay mask and exfoliating mask. There are little beads (not plastic) that act as exfoliators when you rinse the mask off. This mask, while a clay one, isn’t as drying as a lot of clay masks out there. I find this mask very soothing when my skin is irritated (perhaps due to the lavender and clary sage oil?). Price: $26 for 2.5oz

Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask: This is the best charcoal mask I’ve ever tried. Big claim! It actually dries down fast unlike some others I’ve tried and really gets into those pores and flushes them out! I like using this one in my t-zone. Price: $26 for 2.5oz

(Not pictured)

Original Skin Renewal Serum: A nice serum with some soothing ingredients (lavender and clary oil), but not the best at moisturizing. I think this is more of a skin-clearing serum. I prefer my serums to be a little more powerful in terms of hydration and acne fighting. Price is also on the hefty side. Price: $57 for 1.7oz

Ginger Float Cream Bubble Bath: Of my goodness I love this stuff! This is a hydrating, creamy bubble bath that leaves my skin feeling soft and, well, hydrated. While not the most foamy bubble bath, what it lacks in bubbles it makes up for in the wonderful ginger smell. If you’re a ginger lover like I am this is a must try! Price: $33 for 16.9oz

All in all, I really like Origins skincare. I feel like the quality and quantity of their products are reasonable for the price and that the products deliver solid results. How about you? Do you like this brand?

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