Do you have a luxury wish/dream list? I do. It’s mostly fashion, shoes, and handbags. Those items whose price makes me shake my head like a cartoon character. Those items that make you wonder if they’re really worth the price. Luxury goods have this…allure. Is it the exclusivity? The heads that turn when you talk into a room carrying a designer bag, or sporting a pair of red-soled shoes? Or is it the craftsmanship and high-quality materials? Probably a little of all three. And while I’m far from being able to afford all these items, these are the things I like to drool over in my spare moments.



There are so many designer shoes I love. But Aquazzara’s are so much more unique. Their designs are classic and yet contemporary. They aren’t afraid to experiment with different materials, or edgy designs.


At 105mm, I’m not sure I could manage the heel, but for that beautiful pom pom, I’d be willing to try.


I love the metallic look at the top of this mule, and how it contrasts with the suede foot.


Again with the velvet poms? Yeah, can’t help myself. And that green? Swoon.


Rockstud T-Strap Pump, Main, color, METALLIC RAME

Like a lot of people, I’m a sucker for the Valentino Rockstud pumps. These in rose gold are edgy, but very feminine.

Gianvito Rossi

Ah, the plexi pumps. I saw these on a vlog about a year ago. At the time I thought “plastic pumps, why?” but now? I get it. There’s a Cinderella vibe here, but with a little wicked stepmother thrown in.



Céline Clasp medium bag

The Celine clasp bag. My dream bag. So chic. So casual, cool girl, effortless style. Every time I pass this bag in Nordstrom I get light-headed. (especially after I look at the price tag)

Saint Laurent

Small Loulou Leather Shoulder Bag, Main, color, ROUGE LEGION/ ROUGE LEGION


The small Loulou in oxblood with gold hardware. I felt this bag up the first time I saw it. The leather is so smooth, and much stronger than it looks in pictures

Aspinal of London

Small Florence Frame Bag in Deep Shine Amazon Brown Croc from Aspinal of London

I’m a sucker for a top handle bag. Its so classic and, I suppose, retro. I love the rich brown color, and the crocodile finish of this bag. I also like that the bag comes with a strap, just in case you need to be hands-free.


This part of my luxury list could be endless. Every new season, new designers, and shifting tastes makes my luxury fashion wish list very long. So I’ll stick with my longest-standing favorites.

Dolce and Gabbana

Every season Dolce and Gabbana gets me with their floral prints. While the cuts of their clothes are very classic, I love how their prints are bigger-than-life.

Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson has a distinct boho vibe, but with a sophisticated finish. This loose, flowy dress with the neckline ties is very boho, except for the fabric. The blush colored sateen is gorgeously pleated around the neckline and gathered at the waist. And the smocked sleeves? Don’t get me started.

Self Portrait

Oh Self Portrait, where was the fashion world before you? I have to admit, Self Portrait dresses aren’t the most comfortable, (don’t own any, just tried them on) but does that matter when we’re talking dream wish-lists? I say no. This dress is beautiful, but I bet that top lace layer is scratchy. But still, so pretty.


Well there it is, my dream luxury wish list. This is a just a sampling. Trust me, this list could be so much longer. What about you? What’s on your luxury wish-list?

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