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My First Trip to Primark

There are so many Primark hauls on youtube. A lot of the British youtubers I watch have done at least one. Even Safiya Nygaard has done one! And it makes sense. Primark is a very cheap retailer that has a lot of current/trendy clothes. For 60-80 pounds you can get a lot. So I was curious. What was Primark like? Were their clothes any good?

Our Primark Trip

The only problem is the Primark stores that are in the US are on the East coast. (And currently there are no plans for West coast stores, and they don’t sell online. When I was in London I popped into one of the Primark stores on Oxford Street. The store was huge. There were several levels; and so many clothes. One level even had a coffee shop. We spent at least 1-2 hours in there, and came away with a big ol’ Primark bag. That bag is long gone, but this is the first rack (because with Primark there has to be more than one!):


Yes, those are all pajamas. Primark’s pajamas are amazing. First off, there’s so much to choose from. This represents only a small amount of the women’s pajamas they carry.

Had to get some Harry Potter socks. They came in a pack of four (one for each house). And fuzzy socks! They’re so soft. Wish I’d got more of those.

I was surprised that Primark carried a lot of chemises. I like sleeping in these during summer, and its nice to keep a couple around for winter when you want to wear a dress, but not freeze to death.

Harry Potter pajamas. Primark is kinda known for always having them. And hopefully they always will. (They’re also really comfy).

These are the stretchiest, softest pajamas ever. But they smell terrible. Like a cheap wool that hasn’t been properly washed. If you don’t know what that smells like, I’m happy for you.

I love a good cotton striped pajama set. As you can tell by the wrinkles, these have been worn a lot. There’s even the embroidered word “Sleep” on the pocket. Nice detail.

More cotton pjs. The pants are dotted swiss fabric; one of my favorite fabrics.


I didn’t go as crazy in the clothing section. I had kinda run out of steam by that point. More clothes meant more trying-on and the dressing room attendents at Primark are very strict about the try-on limit. As you can see, I got almost a weeks worth of cami/crop tops.

Sometimes I’m a sucker for broderie anglaise. And broderie anglaise on a cami crop? Sold.

Tortoise shell is definitely on trend. Though these buttons are only decorative, they’re cute nonetheless. The fabric is soft, and the crop is a longer style which I like. I also got this top in navy.

Good basic t-shirt dress.

These jeans are great. They are actual denim, not stretchy, and have a frayed hem. They are high-waisted and pretty dang comfortable. And they were only 13 pounds!

Final Thoughts

All in all, I am extremely pleased with my Primark purchases. Except for the very smelly pajamas, all the pieces I bought are good quality and seem to be holding up well. I certainly wasn’t expecting the quality to be as good as it is considering the low price-point. Now for the real question: why isn’t there a Primark on the West coast?!?!


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