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My First Hermes Scarf

When we were in Vancouver a couple weeks ago, one of the places I really wanted to hit up was the Hermes boutique. And wouldn’t you know, there was one across the street from our hotel! Coincidence? Or meant to be? Either way, I bought my first Hermes scarf!

Dream Scarf

I’ve wanted a Hermes scarf for years, but always told myself I would buy one when I got a literary agent, or when a publisher bought my book. After a year of querying my novel, let’s just say I’m not holding my breath. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stopping, or giving up. Somewhere out there there’s an agent who likes well-written stories with animals characters. But like, I said after a year in the query trenches, I’ve realized finding that right agent might take a long, long, time.

I finally decided to not wait around for someone else to like my book to treat myself to something I’ve wanted for a long time. (And honestly, after a year of rejections, I’ve earned it!).

Right now, the US dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar. So I figured, if there was a time to pull the trigger on a pricey purchase, it was now.

I went into the store, tried on lots of scarfs, and fell in love with one in particular.


that elusive orange box!

beautifully packaged

Wrapped in acid-free paper. Check out those colors! Almost like a water-color painting.

that distinctive hand-rolled hem

I still can’t get over how vibrant these colors are. Did you know each different image on Hermes scarfs are printed individually, layer by layer?

A leopard, blooming out of a flower. So imaginative!

So, in short, dear reader, she bought the damn scarf. And is loving it! Can’t wait to wear this true work of art. The colors really complement my skin tone, and I can see this instantly elevating any outfit I wear.

If you want to browse Hermes scarfs you can here!


How about you guys? In what ways do you grab life by the horns and not wait around for things to happen? Let me know!

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