My Collection of Bunion-Friendly Shoes

So a bit of a niche post today. If you’ve ever worn pointy toe shoes for a length of time, or are genetically predisposed to them, chances are you’ve dealt with bunions. I know I have and do. A bunion on the big toe, which is what I have, is simply a bony bump on the base joint. I’ve had it for several years, and it flares up from time to time. So the question is, when you love fashion what shoes can you wear without looking orthopedic?

This is my collection of bunion-friendly shoes. As you can see, there’s a mix of tennis shoes, loafers, sandlas, flats, and boots. These are my most comfortable shoes, ones that don’t put pressure on my toe joints. Most of these shoes I can wear and walk in for hours.

The classic Addias Superstars. They have a thick sole, plenty of cushioning, and a nice rounded toe-bed. The upper also has a lot of cushioning, more than any of my other sneakers. I wore them if this outfit post.

The Madewell Elinor Loafer. I LOVE these loafers. The leather is butter, inside and out. The cognac color goes with so many outfits. The leather is good quality and the construction is sturdy. These have a slight heel that is very comfortable. There is a rounded toe-bed, but what helps my bunions most is that the top is long enough so that my toe-joint hits above the sewn part of the tongue. I have a pair Sezane loafers where this part hits right on my bunion and they’re the most uncomfortable shoes ever. Excruciating.

A pair of Candies wedges. Yeah, these shoes are OLD. A few more years and these will be vintage, yikes. I got these when I was in high school and have worn them every summer since. The quality is amazing. Even though the wedge/platform is wood, these are surprisingly comfortable.

As you can see from both photos, the big toe is separated from the rest of foot-bed by a tong. There’s also a big gap in the straps where the big-toe joint is. One of the therapies for big toe bunions is to separate the big toe from the rest of the toes with a wedge or separator while resting.

These Kenneth Cole Sandals have a similar design. The big toe has its own separate holder! I also like that the ankle strap and foot strap are adjustable, making the fit more customized.

Tieks. So comfortable. Seriously. The leather inside and out is very soft. The stitching around the foot opening is tight enough to keep the shoe on, but not so tight that it chafes (which so many flats do!). Also: rounded toe-bed.

And let’s not forget those thick soles. Nice, cushiony, rubber. I’ve had these for 4 years and they’ve held up so well. Incredible quality.

These Sam Edelman boots in suede are great. Suede is a good material choice for feet with bunions since it stretches with wear. Even with the chunky heel, these are boots I can wear all day without bunion or foot pain.

The take-aways from this collection? Rounded toe-bed and stretchable materials. Big-toe separation is a bonus!


Madewell Loafers:

Candies (Old) similar here:


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