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If you’ve been following my 1920s capsule wardrobe series, you know I just finished making my girdle. I decided not to attach garter clips because I wanted the option to still wear stocking without needing the girdle to hold them up (such as one might opt for during an evening occasion involving dancing). Since banded garters from the period abound, I knew it wouldn’t be out-of-line to keep my stockings up with a pair. And since this is the 1920s we’re talking about, I went luxe.

Material and Construction

I purchased 3 yards of a light pewter hand-dyed 1.5 inch silk Ribbon from this Etsy shop, and a big roll of 1″ elastic. Surprisingly, I already had matching thread!

I measured just above my knee and added about seven inches for the ribbon length. Then I subtracted about three inches from my above knee measurement for the elastic to ensure it would stretch around my leg enough to stay in place.

I sewed two lengths of ribbon, right sides facing, by hand with a backstitch. I’m pretty sure given the delicate nature of this silk ribbon that my machine would have eaten it alive! Then I had to turn it right side out, an onerous task if there ever was one.

After the ribbon was right-side out, I ironed it flat and thread the elastic through. Pulling back the ribbon from the ends, I sewed the elastic ends together with a backstitch and whip stitched the overlap. Over the raw edges of the ribbon I sewed a vertical piece of ribbon and joined it in the back. Lastly, as is a common decoration for the time, I fashioned a rosette of the same silk ribbon and centered it over the front. As you can see, my rosettes need some work, lol!

And that’s it. Garters, a satisfyingly simple, and yet important part of my 1920s capsule wardrobe completed!

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