London: V&A Museum and Hyde Park

One of the things I was most excited to see in London was the V&A museum (Victorian and Albert Museum). Why? Because they have a good historical clothing collection. One of my obsessions since I was a child is historical clothing. For me historical clothing is dress-up for grown-ups, except people actually wore these clothes. And the historical dresses at the V&A museum are the real deal!

Mid 19th century. The gathering and the ruffles on this dress are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! And there’s a good chance this dress was hand-sewn!

Regency gown. And, no, as far as I know this isn’t a child’s dress, but an adult’s. Crazy! Can you imagine having a rib cage that small? Because I can’t. I love the sheer pinkish fabric of this dress. Imagine walking into a regency ball wearing this!

The V&A museum doesn’t just have historical clothing, but a variety of historical textiles and art. This is the Arbadil Carpet from the 900s a.d. No joke. The rug is only lit up every 30min to help preserve it. I still can’t believe that a rug this old is in such good condition. The Arbadil Carpet is the world’s oldest dated carpet. But if I could I’d totally roll around on this thing, 1000 years old or not.

On Saturday of the same week, we went to Hyde Park. So wonderful! Definitely the best park I’ve been too, and entry is free (which isn’t always the case in England). Pictured is the Serpentine, a lake that has tons of ducks and swans. There were so many when we went that the backs were covered in feathers. And despite how the picture seems, the water is actually pretty gross looking.

We were lucky that we went at the beginning of June, because the rose gardens were in full bloom. The gardens are very English in style and are such a nice place to get lost for a while. The fragrance from the roses was so strong you could smell it before you even got to the roses. Intoxicating! I need something like this in my backyard.

(Not the most glamorous OOTD, but comfy and functional for a sweaty day)

One of the things I most wanted to see at Hyde Park (and the reason we trekked through the entire park) was the Peter Pan statue. I read the book several years ago and watched the Disney movie as a kid (nothing like the book). I’ve always liked the sense of adventure the going to Neverland gives!

Next up is our trip to Hampton Court Palace! In the meantime you can read about our trip to Westminster and Parliament here.

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