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Third Published Short Story

Turnaround time in publishing is a funny thing. “Uncle Dave,” is my second short story to be accepted, but third to be published. The acceptance came in April (the same week as my first short story, “The Kushocopia” was published), and after almost seven months of waiting to tell the world about it, “Uncle Dave” was published by The Woven Tale. (No, you don’t have to wait to tell anyone that’s it been accepted, but I’m superstitious like that, lol)


This story didn’t go through a lot of revision. I did tweak things toward the middle to set up the conclusion better, but this was largely one of those got it how I wanted on the first go stories.

Time to Write

This wasn’t a story that required a lot of research. My average for these types of stories seems to be around 2-3 weeks, depending on how long the story is. I’d say this story fell into that group. “Uncle Dave” clocks in at 2800 words.

Submission Stats

Of all my stories, the luck I had with this one really surprised me. This story spent a mere month out in the world before it was accepted by The Woven Tale. I sent it to them in the third week in April and four days later I received an enthusiastic response!

Rejections: 0 (for real!)

Withdrawals: 3

This is my only story to date that hasn’t been rejected at least a few times. This is really one of those in the right place at the right time, or submitted to the right journal at the right time scenarios. Granted, researching the journals you submit to (by reading what they publish) before you submit helps.


This story is inspired by the geography of the PNW. The other part grew out of my desire to write a story that involved a big family secret that the main character is only vaguely aware of. I’ve always loved books and movies about secrets and the main character’s efforts to unlock them

You can read the story for free here!

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