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The One I Wouldn’t Let Get Away

Have you ever had something you knew was good, but it kept getting turned down right and left? For me, that was my story “Mia.” I’ve been sending out this story for a year and a half and always getting the same response “Thanks, but no.” Some of those rejections were actually quite nice, encouraging, and helpful. I got some feedback on on, and some encouraging no’s from prestigious magazines. But, at the end of the day no matter how nice the no is (and don’t get me wrong, sometimes as a writer you live on nice no’s), it’s still a no to publishing.

But after all those no’s Saturday Evening Post gave me a yes. And they are a paying market, which is pretty rare these days for short stories.


The plot and essence of this story was always the same, but I did some major trimming. Trimming in the neighborhood of 1,000 words, or around 1/4 of the story. This is my longest story published and written so far.

Time to Write

Honestly, I wrote this so long ago I’m not sure! Probably not longer than a few weeks as that is my average.

Submission Stats

Rejections: 21

Withdrawals: 5

These stats if anything show the importance of not giving up on something you know has potential. Sometimes you just have to find the right market, and sometimes that is a longer process.


Growing up in the San Joaquin Valley during the summer was an oppressive and generally not fun time during the summers. The heat and humidity were intense and I hated every minute of it. I wanted to write a story with that backdrop. I also wanted contrast the living situations/privilege of two adolescent girls.


You can read the story for free here: “Mia”

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