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Going Crazy in London at Boots

I watch a lot of British youtubers. I can’t get enough. So you can imagine how I writhe in envy every-time I watch one of their Boots hauls. If you don’t know what Boots is, its a British chain of drugstores that stock AWESOME beauty and makeup products. Where I live in America, drugstores are kinda meh. Poorly lit, poorly stocked, not great prices; that’s been my experience with drugstores. But Boots is different. So, so different. The bigger stores like the one in Piccadilly Circus has everything. High-end makeup and skincare, drugstore makeup and skincare, bath and body products, as well as the usual drugstore offerings (medicine, dietary stuff, shower gels, etc.). Going in I knew I was going to do some damage, and I did!

Face cleansing and makeup removal. I’ve tried all three of these products since buying them. The cleansing balm by Boots Botanics is pretty good. Its a little greasy after you remove it (with the cloth that’s included), but does a decent job at getting makeup off. The L’Oreal clay scrub is really nice. Doesn’t strip the skin, but leaves my face feeling clean. The Simple face wash also does a good job, and it was only 2 pounds!

The La Roche Posay Effaclar duo. I’ve heard some good things about this product from people who also struggle with adult acne. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m hoping it helps! I’ll be honest, I got the eye roll-on just because it sounded interesting. I doubt it will help with dark circles, (because those are genetic) but it might feel soothing. The Avene cream I actually got for my husband who has VERY sensitive skin.

I like a good mask, ok? Do I need another one? Nope, won’t for a long, long, time. But restraint is not what vacation shopping is about! I’ve tried both Sanctuary Spa masks. The yellow one goes on very warm. Very warm! It doesn’t dry down like a normal clay mask, and I’m not sure it really clarifies. The orange mask does peel off, but not easily. It also smell strongly of alcohol. Haven’t tried the other mask (Avene), or the Botanic polish, but I will!

I can’t go into a store like Boots and not buy some bath and body products. Just can’t. I love a good bubble bath and these two, the Feather Down and Champneys, are some nice bubble baths. The Feather Down is calming and refreshing, and the Champneys has a nice fruity, musky scent. Both are moisturizing too! I’ve tried the Neutrogena hyaluronic face serum and really liked it, so I have high expectations for this hand cream.

Products Mentioned:

L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub:

Simple Moisturizing Face Wash:

Boot Botanics Cleansing Balm:

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo:

Boots Botanics Eye Roll-On:

Avene Cicalfate:

Being Sanctuary Mango Clay Mask:

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask:

Boots Botanics Microdermadrasion Polish:

Being Sanctuary Pomelo Mask:

Champneys Summer Dream bubble bath:

Neutrogena Hydroboost Hand Cream:

Feather and Down bubble bath:

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