Feeling Royal at Hampton Court Palace

I knew when we went to England that we were going to go to Hampton Court Palace. I love Tudor history and Hampton Court was an important Tudor palace. Its also just an hour train ride from central London, so I knew it would work with our schedule. Even though the train ride there and back was sweltering, I was pretty excited when we arrived.

Massive. And this is only one portion (the Tudor) of the palace. When do I move in?

The first part we saw was King Henry VIII’s kitchens. They are huge. I mean, they had to be. When you’re cooking for a whole court you need space.

Imagine a huge piece of meat roasting on a spit in that fireplace!

Henry VIII’s wine cellar. Cause when you are feasting like a king, you drink like a king! I wonder how deep the barrels/casks were stacked back then?

In the Baroque/Georgian section of the palace is the Chocolate Room. That’s right, a room devoted to the preparation of chocolate. Okay, okay, this was during a time when chocolate was rare and a food for the wealthy, but still. If I ever have my own palace…

The Great Hall. Built by Henry VIII, this was a place to feast! The ceiling is magnificent, the tapestries depict the story of Abraham, and the deer heads are…interesting. Wonder how far away from the head table I would sit if I lived in Tudor times. Probably in the kitchen, lol!

The Baroque/Georgian portion of the palace is ornate. Very, very, ornate. The walls feature murals, some are gilded, others are paneled and polished. The level of detail everywhere is astounding. Makes me wonder what the Tudors would have thought. Can you imagine the look of jealously on Henry VIII’s face?

There are so many grand rooms in this portion of the palace. The largest were public/audience rooms where if you were lucky you could speak to the king. The mannequins dressed in white represent actual people (nobles) from the time.

Complete with a bed warmer, I’ll take it!

How royalty bathed. I love the movable stairs. The marble cistern in the back is also pretty awesome.

The most oddly decorated room in my opinion. Not sure what the original purpose of this room was, but it definitely gives off man cave vibes with all the weapons on the walls. Yeah, those are all rifles and pistols in intricate designs. Not sure what aesthetic here is, but its kinda cool…I guess?

The outer architecture at Hampton Court is stunning. This is the Fountain Courtyard, because, well there’s a fountain. Not the most creative naming.

The Clock Courtyard. Because there’s a big clock in the upper left-hand corner. In some parts of the outside structures they have hidden audio that simulates the sounds of a bustling court back in the day. There are also people walking around in period attire. I think there are a couple in this photo, not sure if you can see them though.

As you would expect from such an opulent establishment, the gardens at Hampton are no exception. This is a just a small sunken garden at the back of the palace, but perfectly manicured and beautiful.

Even though the day was very hot, we had a great time seeing a palace that was such an important part of English history. Highly recommend if you’re planning a trip to England or live there and want to do some sightseeing.

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