I’m more of a fall/cold weather dresser than a summer one. Part of this is due to the fact that where I live doesn’t have a long summer. The other part is that I just prefer fall fashions. All the layering, textured fabrics, knits, and jewel tones are right up my alley. I love this time of year because all the fall fashions are just hitting stores and I get to start planning what pieces to add to my fall wardrobe. So today I thought I’d go over some of the fall trends I’m liking and some I’m not liking so much.



I love me some tweed. It’s on trend this coming season, but really, tweed is a classic. I don’t have any tweed pieces myself, but am planning on adding one this season! I may even go head to toe tweed, you never know. Here are some I’ve been loving. (clink picture for link)


(this jacket is currently on sale!)


Plaid. Another trend that is really a classic. Seriously, when have you ever been to a department store and not seen a plaid button up or blazer? Never? Me neither. And while I’m not the grungy, plaid camp shirt kind of gal, I do enjoy a plaid blazer, or skirt (really, just as long as it isn’t a button-up).

amazing idea for a plaid cami


Animal Print

I know that technically animal print isn’t a neutral, but to me it is. Think about it. Animal print has been in style since cavewoman times. Want clothing? Go kill an animal and wear it’s hide. Animal Print. Get what I did there? But really, modern animal print has been around since the 50s. Its easy to match (since it can come in all colors), and is the perfect print for accessories.


Confession. In high school I had not one, but two pairs of flared corduroy pants. Flared corduroy pants. One was brown, the other was magenta. It was the 00s, things were weird. This time around I’m thinking a skirt, short or knee length. That seems safe, right?

Wait, how’d those pants get there?!

Don’t Like

Snakeskin Print

I like most of the trends this season. Or at least I’ve seen pieces in each category that I do. One category that I just don’t is the snakeskin print. I can honestly say I don’t remember ever seeing a snakeskin print and thinking “Yeah, that looks good, I’d wear that.” I know this is just a personal taste thing, but I always get  90s buttrock vibes when I see snakeskin. *full body shiver*


70s everything

There are some aspects of 70s fashion I love. The skirts for one. All lengths were in style. Maxi, midi, mini; I mean how cool is that? Then there’s the mini skirts/dresses. While I don’t wear them myself (big booty and embarrassing flashing moments), I can appreciate a nice mini with some over-the-knee boots. I’m also into the earth tones of the 70s: mustard yellow, lots of browns, rust colors, etc. But there are some elements of 70s style that, to me, are just gross. Like the over use of fur. And the crazy paisley-on-drugs prints. The overuse of color (some color is good a lot is confusing). Bell bottoms so big you can’t see a person’s shoes. Fringe. And yeah, these are all things that are on the runway this season.


How about you? What trends are you loving? Hating?

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