Brand Review: Everlane

Everlane has been making some serious waves the last few years. From their transparency regarding how their clothes are made, to their reasonable pricing on high quality items like cashmere sweaters and leather bags, they’ve made a name for themselves. And all without a physical store until last year! After I read my first blog post on the brand (can’t remember the blog), I was intrigued. I like high quality basics, neutral colors, and classic cuts. I also don’t mind investing in pieces that I know I will wear for a long time. So I put in my first order: a few of their classic t-shirts.


A black scoop neck (not pictured) and these v-necks. I’m usually a size large in tops, but these run big. I ordered the scoop-neck in a large, and it ended up being too big. I like more of a fitted t-shirt, so I wear that one as a pajama shirt now. These two Cotton V-necks I got in mediums and they fit so much better. The cotton is soft, the color stays, and you can tumble dry them. They’ve kept their shape too! Winners!

The other top I have is this rayon, long sleeved number, that is no longer stocked. This top also runs big and quite frankly looks (and wears) sloppy. As you can tell by the picture (and believe me, I edited as best I could), this is not a fitted style. The seam around the neck doesn’t lay flat, and for some reason the pocket slouches. Not a winner 🙁

I like a good pair of leggings, who doesn’t? But I appreciate a pair that has decent structure. These are the Everlane Stretch Ponte Skinny Pant. There’s a single pleat down the front of each leg and a pocket on the back. The fabric is quite stiff (even though there’s 5% elastane) and doesn’t have much give. When I purchased these pants they came in sizes XS-L. I ordered the large. They were a bit small, not enough to send them back, but not the most comfortable. Now they come in sizes 00-12. I wish they went up to at least a 14. Half-winner.


Everlane’s knitwear. As far as I know these styles aren’t offered anymore:( All three are 100% wool (not cashmere). The first is a dark green mock-neck. This is probably my favorite style-wise. The fabric is thin, so you can tuck it into jeans, and is relatively soft and not itchy. The only down-side is that this sweater shrunk a lot. I followed the care instructions, but I’d say there was a good 2-3 inches of shrinkage. The next two are v-necks in tan and gray. These sweaters are a little itchy and smell a bit after a wash. They are also pretty long. Probably not a big deal if you’re tall, but if you’re petite like me they’re too long. I’ve also noticed more piling on these than the green sweater. All in all, I’d say the knitwear were winners, especially for the price. Not pictured is the older version of the French Terry Cloth Sweater. Mine is light, stretchy, and oh-so soft. Its a favorite for sure. Winner!

Despite a few duds, I think Everlane is a brand worth trying, and I will be making more purchases in the future. Those $100 cashmere sweaters are calling my name!


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