Embroidery, My Sit-on-the-couch Hobby

I have a few hobbies, but one of the ones I’ve been into the most lately is embroidery. I first dabbled in embroidery when I was ten. I wasn’t very good. And I didn’t have the dedication as a ten-year-old to pursue it. A few years ago I took it up again when I sewed a 1920s reproduction nightgown. I wanted to add a little pizzazz to the front, so I embroidered a little floral motif. Not my finest piece of work, but it got me started. My current project is pretty big. I’m embroidering the back of a blanket. It’s Tudor inspired. Since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with Tudor history, and if movies/television is any indication I know I’m not the only one!

My color wheel! I recently discovered that you can do this with the thread bobbins (the white plastic cards), lol. Now my thread is organized and not all over the end tables/couch/floor/dog.

For now I’m just using the basic cotton DMC thread. There are fancier threads out there, (silk, metallic, etc.) but these are $.50 a piece and come in all the colors.

This is the border of the blanket. I adapted this design from a 1590s embroidery pattern. That’s right, 1590s! The things you can find on the internet. My blanket isn’t too big, but this border took almost a year, which is ok, because I enjoyed doing it. I like how the outside design is very rigid, but the inside if full of swirling designs.

This is a Tudor Rose. There’s one at each corner of the blanket. So far they’re one of my favorite things I’ve embroidered. The blending in the middle (white into pink) was the first time I’ve tried blending colors. The red parts of the rose and the leaves are done in a satin stitch and the gold parts (which are actually yellow because I could find a gold colored thread I liked) are lots and lots of back-stitches.

(those blue marks are fabric pen:))

The part I’m currently working on is this mountain scene. Sooooo much shading. Seriously, one little section takes a lot of thread, not to mention time. I need to go back on the parts I’ve already done and blend a bit. This scene is inspired by a painting of the Swiss Alps that featured a mountainside that was stepped.  Now if you’ll excuse me I need to tend to my carpel tunnel! (lol, but seriously have it in both hands now, from this)

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