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The Most Complicated Cross Stitch

A few months (three…four…what year is this anyways?) ago I posted about a cross stitch project I had just started, the William Morris Peacock. Well, it is finally (FINALLY) done. And I still have my eyesight! That’s no small miracle when you take into account the intricate design of this piece. And while cross stitch isn’t technically challenging since its the same stitch over and over again, there were over forty colors used to create this piece. This meant I had to pay extra attention to the printed chart (pattern), and often had to take breaks because my eyes became tired.

The Finished Peacock

When working on this peacock,  I tackled it a section at a time. This made it difficult to get any sense of how the whole thing would turn out. But I’m happy to say I love the final, finished picture. The vibrant colors and the natural theme on really on brand for what I currently have up on our living room walls (i.e. other William Morris nature scenes). I appreciate that the pattern includes a dark border (navy, not black like it looks in the photo); it really sets off the piece.

This photo is a close-up of the tail portion of the peacock. In a single square inch there’s at least ten different colors. In general this holds true for the rest of the piece (well, except the border, lol). My strategy for these dense areas was to work on one color at a time. This did waste a little thread (from crossing over to new areas in the back), but made the process simpler.

I think these little flowers at the bottom are supposed to have different colored centers. But I miss-counted when I did the border, so there wasn’t enough room for them, whoops! If you notice, the border color is also used as a filler/backgrounding color, another feature of this pattern I like.

Despite how nice this William Morris peacock turned out, I think it will be a while before I tackle another cross stitch project as complicated as this one!

How about you? Ever tackle something so intricate? Let me know in the comments!

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