Cross Stitch, Simple and Oh-So Satisfying

Until a couple of months ago I’d never tried cross stitch. Considering how popular cross stitching is that’s kind of weird. I guess I was just put off by the fact that cross stitch is largely decorative. Unlike thread painting, or free hand embroidery, cross stitch is a counted type of embroidery. This means that to achieve whatever picture/design you’re going for, you have to use a thicker, coarser fabric. Not something you’d want for a blanket, or apparel. But since we bought our first house last year after living in tiny apartments for 8 years, we have very few decorations/wall art. I thought why not a cross stitched picture?

Cross Stitch Kit

I picked up this cross stitch kit from local craft store. I really like paintings of ships, especially pre-modern ones. What does a cross-stitch kit contain you might ask?

All the thread you’ll need for the project, conveniently sorted and numbered. This project only uses 12 different colors. The thread feels like wool or acrylic (probably acrylic). You can see that there’s more of certain colors (light blue for the sky) for larger areas.

The kit also contains the charts for the picture. They are stitch for stitch, meaning each little square equals one cross stitch. They are pretty easy to read!

The kit also includes the fabric and a large, rather dull needle. I’ve been working on this project fairly consistently and this is how far I’ve got. All the water and hull of the ship. Definitely not project you can crank out in a day. I’ve started on the sails and masthead of the ship, which seems to be less intricate than the hull. The hardest part was probably counting all the squares on the fabric to make sure my project was centered.

I’m really enjoying this cross stitch project, and I’ve been pursuing https://www.everythingcrossstitch.com/ for my next project. One project at a time, Jordan, one at a time!

Product Mentioned:

Riolis Cross Stitch Kit: https://amzn.to/2S9P2as

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