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    My First Crewel Embroidery Project

    I love embroidery. On clothes, linens, home decor-it can be so beautiful. And while I’ve been embroidering myself for many years now, I’ve only recently become attune to the fact that there are several different types of embroidery. One of the oldest, and the first one I chose to tackle, is Crewel embroidery. Crewel Embroidery But what is Crewel embroidery? Basically here’s how I understand it: 1. must be done with wool thread (if its not its technically not crewel) and 2. uses a variety of stitches (freehand, not counted) to create texture. One of the distinguishing features of crewel work is not just the design, but the uses of…

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    Sewing and Styling a 1950s Skirt

    Did you dream of a closet full of poodle skirts when you were little? No? Just me? Cool…. But really, a full 1950s, midi skirt is just so dreamy. Pair it with a petticoat for that new look look, or wear without, either way you’re in for some twirling! When I saw this reissue Simplicity pattern, I knew I had to make myself one. (I have a true vintage pattern for a 1950s circle skirt, but its for a size that was a few pounds ago). And I had a gift card for Mood Fabrics, talk about my fancy self! I chose a very nice black, double-faced (meaning I wouldn’t…

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    Sewing Vintage Lingerie, Simplicity 8510

    Vintage Lingerie I love vintage (or is it antique at this point?) lingerie. 1920s, 30s…40s, each decade gave us beautiful lingerie. Creamy pastels, lace trimming, appliques, and delicate draping fabric in silk, rayon, and cotton. The most basic of these garments (brassiere and panties), don’t differ vastly from what we wear today. Maybe the bras didn’t have underwires, and the bottoms are closer to shorts, but their function was still the same. The problem when you’re a lover of vintage lingerie is acquiring such pieces. At this point, many of the pieces that still exist are delicate and fragile, not to mentioned expensive, if you can even find them. And…

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    How I Style Vintage Trousers

    One of my greatest passions is vintage and antique fashion. So when I have time there’s not much I like better (aside from shopping!) than drooling over vintage patterns and antique fashion plates. Perhaps the only downside is that most vintage fashions/patterns are dresses/skirts. But then I saw this vintage reissue pattern (9189) from Vogue for pants! I chose a thick, stretchy rayon blend in a fine houndstooth print. The pattern was an easy one, and the pants sewed up without too many problems. I even learned how to invisible hand stitch for the hem! These pants are so comfortable. They’re just the right length, and I even took in the…

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    Cross Stitch, Simple and Oh-So Satisfying

    Until a couple of months ago I’d never tried cross stitch. Considering how popular cross stitching is that’s kind of weird. I guess I was just put off by the fact that cross stitch is largely decorative. Unlike thread painting, or free hand embroidery, cross stitch is a counted type of embroidery. This means that to achieve whatever picture/design you’re going for, you have to use a thicker, coarser fabric. Not something you’d want for a blanket, or apparel. But since we bought our first house last year after living in tiny apartments for 8 years, we have very few decorations/wall art. I thought why not a cross stitched picture?…

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    Summer Favorites

    Are you ready for it? A new type of post that I hope to make a seasonal and/or monthly feature on the blog: my favorites! There are just some of the things I’ve been enjoying so far this summer. Fashion: I’ve done several fashion posts lately. (Here and here) And while a lot of those pieces have quickly become favorites, the two items pictured have been on repeat big time. The white T shirt is from Everlane. It is the perfect t shirt. Great cut and very soft cotton fabric. It holds up so well in the washer and dryer. I’ve worn it so much that the cost per wear…

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    Embroidery, My Sit-on-the-couch Hobby

    I have a few hobbies, but one of the ones I’ve been into the most lately is embroidery. I first dabbled in embroidery when I was ten. I wasn’t very good. And I didn’t have the dedication as a ten-year-old to pursue it. A few years ago I took it up again when I sewed a 1920s reproduction nightgown. I wanted to add a little pizzazz to the front, so I embroidered a little floral motif. Not my finest piece of work, but it got me started. My current project is pretty big. I’m embroidering the back of a blanket. It’s Tudor inspired. Since I was a child I’ve been…

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