The Hunt

About six months ago I started the hunt. The hunt for a new bag. I needed to replace my then current bag, a Coach vintage design blogged here, because the finish on the cross body strap had started to rub off. I lost several white blouses to that defect. What I knew is I wanted a bag in black leather with gold hardware, (my favorite combo) and somewhere in the mid-level price range. I looked at soooo many bags, stalking Neta-Porter, Nordstrom, and all the fashion-forward sites like modaoperadi and mytheresa. Then one day I was watching a Chase Amie video in which she showed her new Senreve Maestra bag. There it was! The perfect combination of style, functionality, and price. I checked my local Nordstrom and they had one of the mini Senreve Maestra’s left in stock. A month ago I snatched it up.

And there it is. The Senreve Mini Maestra in black pebble leather with gold hardware. I’m wearing it cross-body at it’s longest.


The gold studs on the strap are button snaps that allow you to adjust the length. This is a satchel bag, but one with a top-handle! There are four ways to carry this bag: cross body, top-handle, shoulder, and as a backpack. Talk about functionality! This was one of the selling points for me.

(backpack style)

The long strap is in backpack mode here. All you have to do to achieve this is pull the strap on both sides through those gold loops near the top handle. I’ve been wearing it as a backpack a lot. I like having my hands free. The backpack straps are just the right length for me. The bag fits snugly against my back. We have a big trip coming up so the ability to wear this bag as a backpack while in crowded areas just made sense.

Let’s talk about the inside. One word: organization! The interior has SO many pockets. There’s a zipped pocket. A large pocket. And several smaller pockets good for a phone, credit/debit cards, or lipsticks! You know those tote bags that you can buy bag organizers for? (yes, I’m talking about Louis Vuitton:)) This bag comes with one built-in. The inside fabric is a gray-blue suede that is so soft. It also holds up to stains well. I got some pink lip-gloss on it a few days ago and its starting to fad without my doing anything. Besides the large satchel flap on the outside that snaps closed, there’s a very sturdy zipper, so all my stuff is doubly secure. The pebble leather is also very strong and sturdy. No scratches so far.

The Cons:

After a month of use I’ve noticed a few small flaws with this bag.

There’s some dripping of the top binder on this small side flap. I’m guessing this went unnoticed during manufacturing.

The other flaw is the stitching on this portion of the handle. The stitching on this loop that encloses the strap has come unstitched. I had to knot the excess so it wouldn’t keep unraveling. This flaw bothers me more than the other since it could potentially effect my use of the bag.

Lastly, this bag is a little hard to get into. This is great from a security point-of-view. But for the person actually using the bag its a bit of a hassle to have to unlock the satchel portion and then unzip the bag itself.

Overall I’d give this bag a 8.5/10 because the quality and functionality is high.

Senreve Mini Maestra: (Link to where you can buy)Mini Maestra

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