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Asos and Aritzia, A day Out in the City

When we spend a day in the city I want to look good, but also stay warm/comfortable. Cue a pair of mom jeans, sneakers, a nice blouse, and big, heavy wool coat. The jeans are the Farleigh high waisted mom jeans from Asos. The top is a recent purchase from Aritzia (my first time wearing this brand!). The coat is an old swing style one from Modcloth before Walmart bought the company and the selection became kind of meh.

Let’s just talk about these jeans, because they are one of my favorite jeans in a loooong time. A while ago I got it into my head that I HAD to have a pair of high waisted mom jeans. I tried on mom jeans at Topshop, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom. The fit on all these brands was disappointing (provided I could actually pull them over my hips). Then I saw these on Asos. I ordered a 36×32 and crossed my fingers. My hopes weren’t very high that they’d fit the way I wanted them to, but when I tried them on they not only fit well, but felt great! Unlike legging denim (which I also like) these are a stiff denim (98% cotton 2% elastane), and take a couple wears to reach that comfy denim stage.

This silky pajama style shirt from Aritzia is a twist on the classic, long-sleeved pajama button-up. First of all, it’s short-sleeved. Second, there’s a built in front tie at the bottom, perfect for summer. The shirt is very comfortable and sleek, although it does need to be ironed a lot. Its not silk, or polyester, but cupro. There are two fabric-covered buttons on the front which always up the chic factor of a piece. There is, however, a major problem with this shirt. The button holes are much too big for the small buttons. As a result, my shirt kept popping open, which was embarrassing (at least I was wearing a nice bra!). I will definitely be sewing up the excess button hole space before I wear it again.

The last element of the outfit for me is this pearl necklace. My husband got it for me as a surprise several years ago. I was expecting an order of bio-degradable sunscreen (for a trip to the Caribbean), but was happy to find my first set of pearls! What else is there to say? Pearls are classic, go with everything, and instantly give an outfit sophistication.

Aritzia blouse:

Asos jeans:

Modcloth coat (old) similar ones:

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