Apple Picking in Sedro-Woolley

Apple picking. Is there anything that says autumn more than apple picking? (maybe pumpkin spiced everything?) For the past few years we’ve gone apple picking in Sedro-Woolley. The apple farm we go to, Jones Creek, is actually quite far from the town of Sedro-Woolley. The farm backs up to a small mountain and is easy to spot because of its red barn. There are so many apple trees at this farm, and they grow many different varieties. I’m not sure how many acres of apple trees there are, but there were 10+ rows of apple trees, and those rows were looooong.

See? Such long rows! We brought a five-gallon bucket and filled that sucker up. I would’ve kept picking, but there are only so many apples two people can eat. We went kind of late in the apple season, so a lot of the trees were picked over, but we managed to find some really good apples, both for baking and eating.

The farm owners had a strange way of regulating what apples you could pick. Only trees with orange flags tied to their branches were trees you could pick from. And there weren’t many of those. I think I counted a dozed out of hundreds. Very strange. I thought at first that this was because they sell their apples to larger buyers (grocery stores?), but there were a lot of trees that had dropped big, delicious looking apples, left unpicked. So many unpicked apples lying on the ground rotting. Not impressed by that.

Since we were going to be mucking around in an orchard, walking through rotting apples and mud, I stuck with my black Born boots and a pair of jeans. Up top I paired an old blouse from Anthropologie (high neck, lace inserts, and fluted sleeves) with large red and orange scarf. I secured the scarf with a belt around my waist, giving it more of a shawl vibe.

Little Otis came with us! He had such a good time walking in the orchard and sniffing all the rotting apples. We even gave him a taste some of the apples we picked. Otis was so pooped out afterwards (his legs are short!) that he napped on the way home. And then he napped when we got home! Apple picking = Otis approved.

Needles to say, there are lots of apple desserts in our furture.

How about you? Ever been apple picking?

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