First time in Germany!

Last year for vacation we went to my dream location, England. This year it was my husband’s turn to pick, and his dream location? Germany. And what an adventure it was. We went to several different towns in the west and south of Germany, spending most of our time in Bavaria. We also rented a car so we could go at our own pace. (Also, given the price of trains in Germany, renting a car is just about the same price if you’re going to several different places)


We flew into Frankfurt since there is a direct flight everyday from Seattle to Frankfurt (I ain’t about that layover life). 10hrs and a couple really gross airline meals later, we landed in Frankfurt. We located our bags, figured out where immigration was (the airport NEEDS better signage), and spent a good hour determining which train to take to our hotel. We stayed in the Steigenberger Hotel Metropolitan near the main train station.

Despite all time we spent at the airport, we still arrived at our hotel hours before check-in. So, we left our luggage there and went out to see some sights.

We stayed mostly in the old town area, near the Romer (but also did some shopping on the main shopping street). Those timbered houses are really as cool in person as they are in the pictures. Naturally, as with lots of touristy places, the bottom levels of the buildings are full of souvenir shops and crappy restaurants. We stopped in Old Saint Nicholas Church (second pic). The interior is simple compared to other churches in Germany, but beautiful.

During our second day in Frankfurt, we took a 1-hour river cruise on the Main that thankfully had translations in English. It passed through some of the old town (altstadt) and the more industrial (i.e. smelly) west. After that, a couple scoops of gelato (it was pretty warm while we were there), we walked along Frankfurt’s high street and did a little shopping.

Frankfurt Highlights:

Old town (beautiful architecture)

Shopping (good mix of international chains/designers and local stores)

Transportation (decent metro that has enough (though it could be better) stops

Frankfurt Lowlights:

Our hotel: broken air conditioning (amazing to even find a hotel in Europe that has it, I know) opening windows had no effect. Drain in our shower was clogged? so I had to shower in the sauna while husband stood guard. Breakfast was meh.

Frankfurt underground: is downright scary in some stations. It reminded me of that dank/dirty tunnel Harry and Dudley encounter dementors in the Harry Potter 5 movie.

Smells: there’s a persistent aroma that wafts up from the sewer grates


Up next: Our adventures in the Rhineland and West Germany!

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