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    Pumpkin Picking in the Country

    One of my favorite fall activities is pumpkin picking. Sort of funny when you consider we pick pumpkins not to eat, but to use as decoration. My parents took us when we were little, and since me and my husband live in a rural area, we go each year. One of the advantages to living in the middle of nowhere is how close we are to so many farms. One of the farms not too far away from us grows pumpkins available for you-pick every year. We really lucked out last weekend when we went. The weather was gorgeous. Not something I can often say living in the Pacific Northwest.…

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  • Fashion

    Fall Fashion Haul: Everlane

    So this isn’t my first Everlane post or haul (Read the last one here!). What can I say? I’m a fan of the brand. I needed some good fall basics, some to replace clothes that had worn out, or to fill gaps in my wardrobe. I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of black jeans for a long time now. Its hard when you’re an in between size (10-14). Lots of clothing brands stop at size 10 or 12, and most plus size brands start at size 14ish (which is usually more like a standard size 16-18). I noticed that Everlane had began offering a size 33 in…

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  • Beauty

    End of the Matte Liquid Lipstick Trend?

    Ah, makeup trends. They come and go, don’t they? From loads of blue eyeshadow in the 80s to the pencil thin eyebrows of the 90s (also a trend in the 30s), there are so many trends we look back on and shake our heads at. Lately I’ve been wondering if matte liquid lipstick will be one of these. Matte liquid lipstick exploded onto the makeup scene several years ago. It seems like every makeup brand had their own line of liquid lipsticks. Some are better then others, but all work on the same basic principle of a dry matte color that stays on. I, like so many other makeup lovers…

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    Apple Picking in Sedro-Woolley

    Apple picking. Is there anything that says autumn more than apple picking? (maybe pumpkin spiced everything?) For the past few years we’ve gone apple picking in Sedro-Woolley. The apple farm we go to, Jones Creek, is actually quite far from the town of Sedro-Woolley. The farm backs up to a small mountain and is easy to spot because of its red barn. There are so many apple trees at this farm, and they grow many different varieties. I’m not sure how many acres of apple trees there are, but there were 10+ rows of apple trees, and those rows were looooong. See? Such long rows! We brought a five-gallon bucket…

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