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    One Weekend, Two Dresses

    So last weekend I was rocking the dresses. On Saturday I had a new dress to wear, and on Sunday I went to the symphony, so I wanted to dress-up. I’m also still recovering from hand surgery, and dresses are so much easier to put on than pants. Saturday I picked up this beauty at Nordstrom. I’ts by the brand Hinge, which is a brand exclusive to Nordstrom. I really like the vintage feel of this dress. It’s got a 60s/70s boho feel to it, but on the other hand, the print wouldn’t be out of place for the 30s because its geometric and classically feminine because of the flowers.…

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    My Luxury Dream List

    Do you have a luxury wish/dream list? I do. It’s mostly fashion, shoes, and handbags. Those items whose price makes me shake my head like a cartoon character. Those items that make you wonder if they’re really worth the price. Luxury goods have this…allure. Is it the exclusivity? The heads that turn when you talk into a room carrying a designer bag, or sporting a pair of red-soled shoes? Or is it the craftsmanship and high-quality materials? Probably a little of all three. And while I’m far from being able to afford all these items, these are the things I like to drool over in my spare moments. Shoes Aquazzara…

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    My First Surgery: Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

    *Trigger warning* This post talks about surgery   So my hands haven’t been in the best shape for a while. I’ve had carpal tunnel in both hands for years now. I’ve had constant numbness and occasional pain. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and my hands are so numb they don’t feel like they’re a part of my body anymore. I guess it was all the years of typing papers for college and grad school (one semester in grad school I had to write/type three 15 page+ papers for finals), not to mention my needle-point hobbies that did it. A few months ago I’d had enough.…

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    My Favorite Skincare Obsession: Face Masks

    When it comes to face masks, I really just can’t help myself. Its my favorite skincare item, and the thing I always want to treat myself to. There are face masks for every occasion. Dry skin, too much skin texture, acne, clogged pores, and even dull skin; there’s a mask for that! Currently I have several masks on rotation. They are primarily clarifying, hydrating, and exfoliating masks. Clarifying Even though I have dry skin, at least once a week I need a good clarifying mask session. Especially in the summer. Sunscreen really does a number on my pores and skin texture. When I need a good pore clean-out, these are…

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