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    Walking in Shakespeare’s Footsteps in Stratford-Upon-Avon

    I knew I couldn’t go to England without visiting Stratford-Upon-Avon. I have a masters degree in literature so to say I’m a Shakespeare fangirl is an understatement. I remember reading his plays during summer vacation as a teenager, watching the Leonardo DiCaprio film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet (still the best in my opinion, sorry Franco Zeffirelli), and writing soooo many papers in college and grad school. Needless to say I wanted to see everything we possibly could in a day. And we did. We bought the triple Shakespeare ticket that included his mother’s farm, Anne Hathaway’s cottage, and his birthplace. We also bought tickets to see King Lear preformed…

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    City Hopping in the Cotswolds

    I don’t remember what movie I first saw that was set in the English countryside. But since then I’ve wanted to visit so much. I knew for this trip to England we’d be in the south, so the Cotswolds made perfect sense. The only downside for foreigners wanting to visit the Cotswolds is that you NEED a car to properly tour these towns. Public transportation is practically non-existent here. My husband braved the very narrow country roads (sometimes there was only one lane for both directions or traffic…very stressful) in a rental van because the compact car we requested was taken. The first thing you need (aside from a rental…

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    Ancient Stone Circles in the Wiltshire Countryside

    I ask you: what trip to England would be complete without going to the ancient stone circle, Stonehenge? If you’re smirking, or thinking “how predictable,” that’s pretty much what I thought before I went there. I mean its over-priced, touristy as heck, and there are hoards of people. But you kind of have to go. Even if it’s just to have that picture of you in front of the stones smiling awkwardly while fellow tourists photo-bomb you. What I didn’t expect? To actually like it. I had a similar experience when we visited the Lincoln memorial a few years ago. I thought, “ok, I’ve seen thousands of pictures of it,…

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    Across the Pond: Roman Baths and Bath

    So I’m a bit of an Anglophile. I’ve been obsessed with British history/culture/fashion/food/geography/slang since I was a child. It started with the Tudors (as so many obsessions do) and PROGRESSED. So when we were thinking about what trip to take this year and since this year I turned 30, I told my husband we were going to England. We (mostly me) made the plans (hotels, sites, shopping, restaurants), bought new luggage, and tracked down our passports. (who knew Canada looked so awesome from 35,000ish ft?) 9 hours later we landed in London! We took the train to Bath, our first port-o-call. We headed for the Apex Hotel and crashed hard.…

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